Friday, 13 December 2013

LUSH: Ultrabland - Facial Cleaner

I received the ULTRABLAND inside a goodie bag from the LUSH blogger / Vloggers event, which you can find my post about it here. The ladies at the event said that this product is quite popular, even more popular that huge celebrities purchase this, even Angelina Jolie's favourite cleaner. Now we all have the secret to flawless skin that Mrs Jolie has.

RRP: $17.95

With an impressive list of natural ingredients, such as almond oil, beeswax, honey and rose water, Ultrabland is great for all skin types, even the ones who have sensitive skin, without causing any irritation or reaction. I've also been told that it helps to being problem skin back to balance.

It's got a great formula of beeswax and almond oil that cuts through makeup without over cleansing the skin. Almond Oil and rosewater lift away dirt, oil and makeup with ease. Ultrabland is a multipurpose healing and moisturising balm, and it has been said that there are over 100 uses for it. Rose for reducing redness and inflammation, and beeswax for helping give the skin a protective layer.

The packaging advises you to smooth a generous amount (only really need a pea sized amount) all over your face then wipe off using a damp warm flannel or cotton pad. By using my fingers I took a little amount out of the pot and rubbed it between my fingers to warm the product up before applying it evenly across my face. Within seconds I noticed my face was super oily, it honestly looked like I spent a lifetime at the gym. Then used a damp warm flannel to remove the left over makeup, I was quite surprised to see how dirty and gross the flannel looked. Just showed how much left over makeup was still on my skin, that I didn't even know was there. 

This product also removes waterproof mascara and it certainly doesn't leave your skin feeling oily or greasy. It cleans my face beautifully, getting rid of all of the makeup, sunscreen, and any grime that I've managed to pick up through the day, leaving me with wonderful smooth and soft skin. I've haven't had any problems with breakouts or clogged pores. In fact my skin has actually improved while using this. 

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