Sunday, 17 February 2013

Review: PPS Hot Iron Spray Straight :)

I've always found it hard to find a great product for my hair that doesn't damage or dry out when I'm using hot icons. My hair is naturally thick with curly/wavy. So getting my hair to be and kept straight is very hard.

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When using PPS HOT IRON SPRAY STRAIGHT #2it's important that any previous hair products like hair spray, wax or gel is washed out. It's best for your hair to be clean so the PPS hot iron spray seals to the hair, and allows it to work its magic.
After using PPS HOT IRON SPRAY STRAIGHT #2my hair felt really light, that it almost felt like I had shaved all my hair off haha. It had a shiny to my hair, that made it look like i had a few high lights done (does not have hair bleach) 

"Spray Straight smoothes, protects and is recommended to be used throughout the hot iron process to achieve an ultra straight result. Containing a unique Thermal Shield Complex, the light hold formula protects the hair from heat damage section by section during the styling."

• Light hold styling spray specifically formulated with a unique Thermal Shield Complex
• Smoothes, straightens and protects the hair from heat damage
• Moveable control for long-lasting straight results
• Seals style with a natural shine

I've tried many different products that didn't give my the results I've found in PPS. I still use it till this date and I'll never find anything that may or could possibly be better.

It's available in Priceline and also online through these sites:

$14.95 AUS

Review: Simple Cleaning Facial Wipes.

First product I have bought from the Simple skin care line, when i was 13 and still buy them to this date. I bought this product from my local Priceline and sometimes from Target. Normally depends on who's having a sale.

Let me just say, that this is AMAZING! It cleanses great and removed everything off your face. INCLUDING waterproof eye make up! It's a great product for travel, on the go, at work or when you're being lazy and just want to get into bed with ought washing your face. They stay moist after opening the package, however I did notice you don't have a lot of time to use them before they start to dry out. This product is very affordable and great value. I paid $4.99 from Priceline :) these facial wipes are available almost everywhere, like Coles, Big W etc.




-NO HARSH IRRITANTS to upset skin

They contain a perfect blend of their purest  possible skin loving ingredients with an added vitamin"
as printed on the package.

Recommended For: NormalDaily skincareUneven Tone & Texture,Acne-Prone SkinSensitive skinBasic Cleansing

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Givenchy Rottweiler Shirt

I have fallen madly in love with Givenchy Rottweiler, that I've brought it in almost everything.

This style has been seen on many celebs like Rhianna, Pink and Kylie Jenner. If you have no idea what Givenchy Rottweiler is, basically where have you been living? 
To refresh the mind, It's a angry Rottweilers face thrown onto just about anything you can thnk of. Yes, I've seen it on underwear haha.

I've grown such a huge obsession of it, that I can't stop buying it. I do wish I could buy the real ones, so lets be honest: I don't have thousands laying around.

The site where I brought them from is: With Love Kirsten.

These items were pre-orders on the site. Took roughly 3 weeks for them to come in. The Bag Set was $49.99 and The Shirt was $24.99

The quality of the picture is spot on, even on the shirt & bags. It's perfect, it does have a odd smell when I first brought it but the smell wears off after a while. I believe the bags are made out of leather, and do get very hot when you leave them in the sun for so long.

Bag Set:

The bags come in a set, Large, Mid & small. Larger bag is perfect for every day use, like shopping. Mid bag is more of a going out bag, like clubbing, drinks with the girlfriend or even a date. The smallest bag is more for cash/coins.


I can't get enough of the shirt, the picture quality is also prefect, it has rhinestone circling the Rottweilers face. The shirt was available in no sleeves or sleeves. I found that this shirt goes with just about anything. You can really style it up if you wanted to, or go for a simple look.
I reckon it suits well with leather jeans or leather skirt. Or just shorts. 

Here's The Links To Where I've Brought Them From: