Thursday, 26 December 2013

LUSH: Cruelty Free Christmas Party


Monday 16th Of December, LUSH hosted another event for us bloggers / vloggers. The event started off with Peta giving us some information on LUSH, learning about their Cruelty Free Christmas and some updates on up coming campaigns and products. Lush has some of the most gorgeous packaging at the moment, and all products are handmade with organic ingredients. There was also a mention of a sale coming, but LUSH will announce that one for you. The theme of the event was Cruelty Free Christmas, if you didn't notice from the title. :P 

Their ethics drive everything we do at here at LUSH. This Christmas they're celebrating the many examples of how they put their ethics into practice through fresh, handmade cosmetics. With 35 brand new products and even more stunning new gifts, you can feel good about the broader impact of your Christmas shopping when choosing LUSH. 

After Peta's speech, few words from the other lovely LUSH girls and digging through our goodie bags, we were split into two groups and sent off to do two different workshops. The very first workshop that I was in was learning the Japanese Furoshiki wrapping techniques, using scarves that we were able to keep and also sold within the store. We learnt to make rose hand bands, bags and how to wrap presents. The second workshop was making the Cupcake face mask, now I love masks, so I was super excited to be showen a demonstration, and we also got to take a tub home. 

There was also lovely lush girls that were walking around, giving us hand messages and tips and tricks on some of their products. Of course catching up with other gorgeous bloggers that have become lovely friends :) I love how passionate these girls are about the products, they all know their products and knowledge off the back of their hands. Ask one simple question about skin care, body care or whatever and they're all over it, without even having a second to think. Also can't forget how friendly they're! They make you feel so welcome in the store, thanks Swanston St Store!

The team at LUSH were very generous once again with their gift bag. This time we got all Christmas like stuff, which was awesome and very kind of them.

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