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December BellaBox 2013 - Why Im Unsubscribing..

DECEMBER IS HERE, WHICH MEANS A NEW MOTHLY BELLABOX! this months theme is    " Celebrate Summer". 'Tis the season for looking gorgeous, Christmassy and summery all in one! All the things beauty dreams are made of are here - Silly Season shin-digs, balmy summery nights, and for those lucky enough, end of year holiday escapes! - BellaBox.

This is my last BELLABOX, as I'm Unsubscribing.... find out why at the end of this post.

What's Inside:
  • Limited Edition BELLABOX Tote Bag 
  • Aurora Spa Rituals - Vanilla & Honey Lip Moisturiser
  • Romy Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Avéne Antirougeurs Fort - Relief Concentrate 
  • Simple - Kind To Eyes, Eye Makeup Remover
  • Mary Kay - Icy Peach Lip Stick
  • Esoir - Sample Pack
  • Palmers - Coco Butter Sample
The terrific beach toting bag to do summer in style!
RRP: $19.95 
available at 

Simple - Kind To Eyes, Eye Makeup Remover (Left)
don't commit a skin sin this silly season - remove your makeup before bed, even after very late nights! This one is non-oily & won't irritate the fragile skin area. No more excuses.
125ML. RRP: $9.99
Available at

Aurora Spa Rituals - Vanilla & Honey Lip Moisturiser (Middle)
Give your dry or chapped lips their own spa treatment with Aurora Spa. Infused with coco butter, papaya vanilla & honey it's a refreshing on chapped lips as a much needed holiday drink.
10ML. RRP: $25.00
Available at 

Avéne Antirougeurs Fort - Relief Concentrate (Right)
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer can keep the nosy look to himself! Prevent and soothe redness on sensitive skin with Avéne. Formulated with Ruscus Extract to tone down the appearance of blood vessels on the skin surface, it'll soothe your skin at the same time.
30ML. RRP: $38.95
 Available at 

Romy Shampoo & Conditioner
infused with three types of fragrances from natural extracts, these hair care duos are ideal for winding down or enlivening the senses at shower-time during this hot season!
300ML. RRP: $25.00 
available at 

Mary Kay - Icy Peach Lip Stick
long lasting & silky smooth, these lipsticks are further enriched with vitamin E and C to condition while giving a dash of dynamic colour to your pout!
FULL SIZE. RRP: $24.00 

Eslor - Sample Pack
experience the Eslor range - perfect to pack for overnight getaways this summer!
- Eslor Comforting Mask 50ML - $49.95
- Eslor Replenishing Scrub 50ML - $36.95
-Eslor Soothing Cream 50ML - $84.50
- Eslor Soothing Refiner and Cleanser 60ML - $36.95
available at

Palmers - Coco Butter Sample

Why Am I Unsubscribing?

I have been subscribed to Bellabox since May 2013 (8months). I've gotten some great stuff in the boxes, and really enjoyed many of the products. BUT, I have not came across any product that is worth repurchasing. What I found annoying about the boxes was that every, single month there was at least 2-3 body lotions, skin scrubs or shampoo and condition. Now most of those products were already included in the months before, so having a second and third batch of the exact stuff isn't necessary. I have recieved within 8 months over 30 skin care products, 15 hair products and 9 brown lip products - which I truly hate brown lip sticks / gloss. Now I don't want to sound ungrateful as I really do appreciate what bellabox is doing and could only image packing thousands of boxes each month, but I have decided that they're not for me. My excitement for a new box each month as worn off.  With my experience with Bellabox, I have enjoyed some boxes and some were a downer. They do seem to be more focused on skin care and their own branded products. Again, I have not wanted to purchase anything from inside the box. Now that I've unsubscribed, I will be saving that extra $15 a month that can go towards something else that ill actually use. I'm also not here to try an change your minds, or to sound ungrateful, Im just sharing my opinion and experience with BELLABOX. 

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