Saturday, 28 December 2013

Puretopia: Instant Moisture Skin Quenching & Protecting Daily Face Moisturiser - REVIEW

Puretopia is Australian made and owned, the products are 100% sulphate and paraben free, no synthetic fragrances or artificial colours, no propylene glycol, no DEA,TEA or silicones. Also makes this brand exciting that theyre against animal testing, and the packaging is recyclable - now that’s impressive. 
Instant Moisture, Skin Quenching & Protecting Daily Face Moisturiser SPF 15
RRP: $14.95

I have actually been quite blown away with this product, for such a affordable price this moisturiser delivers so much more than moisture and protection to the skin, it contains highly potent pure natural bio actives which have been sourced to provide the skin with optimal skin nutrition for visibly healthy looking skin and hair! This product really does lock into your skin, feeling fresh and breathable through out the day. I have found that its helped with my fine lines and dark circles under my eyes, (now if a product can get rid of my dark circles, I'm all down for it.) With the Vitamin C, it brightens the skin, evens out skin tone. The benefits of the superb moisturising come from synergy of olives, evening primrose and avocado with soothing effects of aloe. 

With the rich ingredients that inculde - Vitamin C, Olive, Aloe, Avocado, Evening Primrose, Rose along with SPF15 protection, the moisturiser includes two superior peptide complexes. One acts as a messenger to the cells to stimulate and regulate activity and the other works to stimulate collagen activity strengthening the three dimensional integrity of the skin. Your skin will be soft, appear fresh and vibrant thoughout the day.

The formula smells like Roses, it isn't overpowering... it just smells natural. This product does come in a pump form bottle, it's super easy to use, with one pump it's a decent amount to use that will cover your face and neck. This moisturiser is amazing, I like how it leaves my skin, it does looks and feel hydrated and nourished all day. 

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