Tuesday, 17 December 2013

November Favourites

I know it's far into December, and ill be posting my December faves very soon.. however I scheduled for this post to go live the 1st day of December but some how it never posted :( I guess it's never to late to post it.

November went by super fast, was finishing up my retail certificate, caught up at work that I didn't really experience many new products. This one is very short, only really got around to enjoying 4 products. Anyways, enough about my life story, you're all here to read about products, so lets go!

RRP: $14.95

When first opening, i was quite overwhelmed with the smell, it was amazing. It looks like coffee and it certainly smells like coffee!! It over powered my room and it honestly smelt like a coffee shop. Now if you're not a fan of coffee or the smell, then this product wouldn't be for you, however they do have another scent available on their site. After the very first use, I did notice a difference in how smooth my skin was. That was only the first use, now I've used it for over 2 weeks, my skin is even more softer and smoother. It's moisturised and has improved my skin tone. My face has cleared up from blind pimples on my chin, and also left a beautiful orangey / coffee essence scent. My boyfriend has used it on his stretch marks under his arm, and within 6 washes, they have turned white and completely invisible. In other, short words: IT WORKS. 

Make Me Shine - Spray Gloss
RRP: $22.95

I have very thick, long hair. I do straighen it quite often as, I don't enjoy my curly hair. However I get a few flyways around my face. Always replying on multiply products to reduce my flyways and to add extra shine to look healthier. May I just add that Make Me Shine does exactly all that.
After styling my hair, I do a quick spray of Make Me Shine all over my hair, then smooth it down with my hands. By doing so; im pushing the product into my flyaways to control them. This spray gloss is lightweight and doesn't feel stiff or sticky unlike other products. I've used this product for just over a week now, I've noticed that my hair looks much healthier. It has so much shine and really gives that extra boost to weak hair.

NO DROUGHT - Dry Shampoo
RRP: $13.50
I love trying different dry shampoos, I'm kinda obsessed. This isn't your reqular spray can, it's actually a powder formula in a plastic bottle. This product hasn't got any alcohol or other harmful ingredients. As a brunette most dry shampoos leave a nasty white patch in my hair, unlike this one. It's a simply running my fingers through my roots and shaking them. It really does absorb oils, leaving the hair feeling fresh and clean. I also like that it give extra volume, after applying to the roots, I flip my hair upside down and get the hair dyer. Helps get rid of any powder that hasnt been worked in, but also gives a numerous amount of volume. It's great for those days where you need a quick boost to oily hair. 

RRP: $29.95

Dream Cream is absolutely fantastic! It has a perfect consistency which isn't too heavy, but absorbs into the skin like a...well, a dream! This is the go to body cream for anything, my boyfriend massaging my shoulders and feet with this, and honestly it feels like haven. My skin has never felt this amazing in my entire life! I'm actually completely astounded that skin could look and feel as awesome as it does now. I tend to suffer from eczema in the summer time on the back of my legs, using the dream cream has helped clear any signs of eczema, dryness, redness or flakiness skin. It's truly an awesome product that helps just about anything.

Disclaimer: any products marked with ( * ) has been gifted by PR companies or given in a goodie bag from the brands event. I have not been paid to review or feature a product on my blog. All photos have been taken by myself, and all is in my honest opinion. 

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