Tuesday, 24 December 2013

ELES Dual Action Concealer - REVIEW

If you hadn't notice yet, I love my concealers.. this time I got offered to try out ELES Dual Action Concealer. This concealer claims to camouflage imperfections and brightens eyes, it's a multi-purpose concealer that helps with anti-ageing to gradually improve skins texture while neutralising dark circles. Eyes look beautifully refreshed and radiant. Its medium, coverage formula provides continuous hydration and a natural long wearing finish. Paraben free preservative system. 

Dual Action Concealer
RRP: $37.50

I use concealer on certain parts of my face like under my eyes, on my brow bone but also like how they cover up those nasty blemishes, dark circles, redness and uneven skin tones. I'm always trying different concealers, to find something that camouflages dark circles and corrects blue undertones and shadows. So I couldn't say no to another concealer.

Many people have different ways of applying their concealer, I apply it after my foundation but before power. I find that I get better results that way, as I can highlight a lot easier and it can cover any skin imperfections that my foundation can't. I use the smallest amount and work it into my skin by using my finger or a buffing brush. 

Besides being a makeup product -  it helps improve those under eyes fine lines and skin texture over time. While it contains caffeine to stimulate circulation under your delicate eye area, reducing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. Say goodbye to ghost face in photos, cause this concealer is camera perfect, no reflection with flashes.A little goes a long way, this tube will last you a year or more.

With a new manufacturing technology offers flexibility and longer wear, barely visible but corrects blue undertones and shadows. It's perfect for anyone that has oily skin which this product doesn't break down and look oily through out the day, it stays put.

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