Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Eleven Australia: Make Me Shine Spray Gloss - Review

Eleven Australia is driven from a desire for a fresh, uncomplicated and affordable solution to haircare products, made from high performance ingredients, and very affordable price tag. ELEVEN Australia Make Me Shine Spray Gloss is a lightweight finishing spray that controls fly-aways and adds shine and gloss. The easy-to-use spray is suitable for all hair types. 

Make Me Shine - Spray Gloss
RRP: $22.95

Make Me Shine does have a fresh, floral scent, which does fade down a little after applying it. Product comes in an aerosol can, kept simple with all white and pink writing on it. Wouldn't be hard to miss this on the shop shelf. 

I have very thick, long hair. I do straighen it quite often as, I don't enjoy my curly hair. However I get a few flyways around my face. Always replying on multiply products to reduce my flyways and to add extra shine to look healthier. May I just add that Make Me Shine does exactly all that.

After styling my hair, I do a quick spray of Make Me Shine all over my hair, then smooth it down with my hands. By doing so; im pushing the product into my flyaways to control them. This spray gloss is lightweight and doesn't feel stiff or sticky unlike other products. I've used this product for just over a week now, I've noticed that my hair looks much healthier. It has so much shine and really gives that extra boost to weak hair.

I do recommend this to anyone that has problems with flyways or looking for extra shine. It's suitable for all hair types. The results I received were amazing and I do hope everyone else can experience the same thing.

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