Monday, 9 December 2013

OPI Founder George announced retirement

George Schaeffer Hangs Up His Polished Talons As CEO of OPI

 Founder and CEO of OPI, George Schaeffer has officially announced his retirement as CEO of OPI and will take on a strategic advisory role for OPI from 1st January 2014 onwards.

Since founding OPI in 1981, Schaeffer has built one of the beauty industry's most iconic and successful nail care brands. With a portfolio of over 400 creatively-named lacquer shades, OPI has for the past three decades been linked to theentertainment industry and synonymous with the fashion industry.  Thanks to Schaeffer's leadership as CEO, today OPI is the leading professional nail care brand in the world.
Commenting on his retirement, George Schaeffer states; "The OPI Brand is my baby, which I have loved and nurtured for many years, and will continue to do so. My retirement is filled with both pride and sadness, however it is time to move on to new adventures."

"It has been an incredible ride over, working with many talented individuals, and I look forward to working together with Mary and Suzi in expanding OPI's presence worldwide."

After more than 30 years of unprecedented success leading OPI, Schaeffer, who is well known for his philanthropy, will focus on The Schaeffer Family Foundation and multiple charities that support health related causes and children's education.

George Schaeffer will stay on as OPI's Strategic Board Advisor, supportingArtistic Director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann and newly appointed General Manager Mary van Praag and CEO, Michele Scannavini.

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