Saturday, 21 September 2013

LUSH Lip Scrub - Bubble Gum

When I was shopping within my local LUSH store, this lip scrub kept catching my eyes.. I didn't hear much about this, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The girls at LUSH were raving on about it, saying its great for the lips and the best part was licking it off. The thought of licking your dead skin off your lips was the part that I was grossed out about. I kept thinking of the Goldmember from Austin Powers. While I was at the LUSH Bloggers / Vlogger Event, this product was inside the goodie bag as one of their best sellers, so I sucked up my thought of dead skin and decided to try it out.
Bubble Gum Lip Scrub
RRP: $9.95

I thinks its safe to say that almost every person in the blogging and beauty world, would own a Lush lip scrub. Everyone whose tried them is obsessed and those who are about to try them, wont be able to get their hands off them. That would be me, so before you judge a product or think dirty things of it, please try it. haha.
Bubble Gum smells and tastes just like Bubble Gum. With my fear, I'm completely over it. I cant even resist licking this lip scrub off my lips. You only need to apply a small amount on your fingertip, and rub it in until you feel its necessary to stop. I scrub my lips for at least 50 seconds to ensure I covered each part of my lips. Then you can just lick it straight off. It tastes super yummy.                                            

After using the scrub it does leave your lips feeling and looking so much better, mine seemed a little more plump from rubbing, which I secretly enjoy big lips haha. Its perfect to use before applying lip balm, lip stick or gloss. Having your lips scrubbed can really help define and also make your lips look neat.