Monday, 23 September 2013

Introducing Couleur Caramel :)

Recently I came across a new an exciting brand named Couleur Caramel, they're a makeup company that specialist in organic mineral cosmetics. They pledge to offer anyone an innovative, original skin care, make up line that combines natural ingredients and latest technologies that respects quality, human relations, the environment and animals while bringing a total comfort and full satisfaction.

Couleur Caramel uses organically grown plant based active ingredients, which makes their products effective. Without the chemical fertilizers, these organic active ingredients are grown in a wide open space. The plants are then harvested when they have reached maturity. They're cultivated on managed, controlled and respected land.

The packaging in the range is very cute, they're displayed in often-recycled and always recyclable materials such as wood, metal and cardboard. I love that you can buy a palette board to store your eye shadows or powders in.

I just discovered this brand, already placed my first order with them. I honestly cant wait to receive them, so I can get all dolled up haha. I'll be sure let you all know about my haul and review very soon.