Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sugar Baby - Drive Me Balmy: Sunset Body Balm.

Sunset is a sensuous sultry fragrance body balm combining Samoan Frangipani, Kaffir Lime, Pink Guava, Juicy Kiwi, Passion Flower and Coconut Milk. Enjoy this richly scented decadent and indulgent body balm for all over moisturising. Drenched in Shea Butter, Apricot and Coconut Oils for intensive moisture nourishment. Leaving your skin looking fresh, healthy and smelling amazing.
Drive Me Balmy
SUNSET Body Balm
RRP: $12.95
I've been using Sunset Body Balm for a now, its really helped restore moisture back into my skin and also giving that sweet, fragrance scent that's perfect for preparing the skin for Summer. The formula is a thick, white cream that can be easily applied to the skin in small amounts, the scent is very powerful, and smells exactly like frangipanis.

The scent does last all day, and that's without lifting my arm up to my nose to smell it. I've always been asked what kind of fragrance I wear, then when I say its actually a body balm, people tend to get shocked. Within a couple of days, my skin started to feel a lot more softer and smoother. Even without applying it, I still had the frangipani scent on me.

I really like how Sugar Baby advertises their products within the store and also detail to packaging. Everything in their range is very affordable, with great quality and results. The formula comes in a circular brown tinted, plastic container with a rose gold screw lid. Packaging is kept nice and simple, definitely eye catching enough.

This body balm is suitable for all skin types, as it doesn't irritate the skin nor has that thick feeling towards the skin. It absorbs very fast, and the scent is amazing! Even perfect to apply straight after waxing / shaving. I'm super happy with the results I received from this body balm, I recommend everyone to dash out and buy this product. Its a must have!

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