Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Australis: Ready Set Go Finishing Powder - Review

After using Australis Finishing Spray, I wanted to tried a finishing translucent powder that could give me more of a flawless finish. Australis also does a finishing powder, since their range has never let me down and for this product that only coats $12.95, you can't really go past it. Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder comes in a little plastic jar, that has a screw on lid, kept to protected the powder without having spillage. The lid is black with bright pink writing, which really stands out and catches eyes.

Ready Set Go Finishing Powder
RRP: $12.95

The formula is white which is very light weighted, smooths on nicely almost doesn't feel like you're wearing anything. It's so simple and quick to apply, just dip your brush into it and sweep over your face. Making sure you really buff it onto your face, to ensure you're not left with a ghostly face. When its been used the correct way, I like how this translucent powder is suitable for all skin types, as it doesn't alter your skin shade.

I use this setting powder when I've finished my all whole foundation routine (just before my eye / brow makeup). I find that it really does make my foundation and bronzer last a lot longer then usual. Ready Set Go Finishing Powder also helps minimise the oiliness, as the powder absorbs oil, which leaves a perfect flawless look all day with no shiny areas. Also doesn't clog pores or break outs. It is very gentle on the skin.
I'm really loving this product at the moment, it's been added to my makeup routine. I would highly recommend this to just about anyone who is seeking a good quality setting powder that's low price. It can really help you get that flawless, non-oily or faded look. Honestly give it a try, it won't disappoint you.