Tuesday, 8 October 2013

LUSH Ultrabalm - Review

I honestly cant get enough of lip balm products, if you were to look inside my bag and pull out every single lip product, youd find more then 6 or maybe 10 :P. Different balms for different days, but lately Ive been loving this LUSH Ultrabalm that I can just spread all over my face like butter. haha.

What LUSH Say's:
" Ultrabalm is bringing petroleum-free lubrication to the nation. This moisturising balm is made with plant waxes and nothing else. No petroleum jelly, no mineral oils, just natural goodness. Our mix of candelilla wax and jojoba oil is a vegan alternative to beeswax; it creates a protective barrier on the skin and locks in moisture, while rose wax soothes irritations. You can apply the balm to scuffs and scrapes to relieve discomfort, use it as a barrier cream when applying henna, or even use it as a lip balm. There's nothing crude about our lube. Ultrabalm is also perfect for babies to relieve nappy rash and hydrate dry skin. "

Ultrabalm Lip Balm
RRP: $8.95
Ultrabalm is the perfect all natural substitute for Vaseline & other Petroleum Jelly products. I was recommended this product from the LUSH staff for my flakey, dry flu nose and also for my lips during the Winter time. To be honest, I couldn't thank them enough. Its really helped restore moisture back into my dry areas on my face and for the price of the product, its totally worth it. Only using the smallest amount can really make a huge difference.
The product doesn't have much of a scent, its kept very simple and plain, which I personally like. I was very pleased to find out that the formula is kept all organic and natural with only three ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Rose Wax and Candeilla Wax. At first I was thinking about how oily and greasy it would be on my skin, but I was proved wrong. This product absorbs really well and quickly, without leaving your skin feeling oily or greasy.
I don't only use this Unltrabalm on my lips, but also on dry areas of my face / body, elbows, heels and also the ends of my hair. Its truly the life saver of all treatments. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that's looking for a replacement for that Lucas Paw Paw haha.

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