Wednesday, 16 October 2013

LUSH: BIG Sea Salt Shampoo - Review

BIG is a volumizing sea salt shampoo in a true sense, because it contains whole grains of sea salt. It basically looks like a rice-pudding-like base formula with big sea salt particles in it. The result of BIG is really shiny hair, full of volume, restored moisture and maintain healthy hair. The difference between BIG and other brands, is that BIG actually delivers what the other brands only promise.

BIG: Sea Salt Shampoo
RRP: $26.95

I have been on a search for a shampoo product that honestly gives me lots of volume. I do have fairly thick black hair to begin with but I straighten my hair regularly and want the volume to last me more than a day. I have tried many other brands of shampoo and conditioner in the past and saw had no additional body or volume after using them.

The smell of the shampoo is kinda hard to describe because I personally cant think of any words that could compare it to, nor am I good at describing scents. However its rather nice, at least in my opinion, a kind of beachy fresh scent with a hint of ocean breeze.

I take the littlest amount of product into my hands and work it onto my scalp and crown. After I have worked the product onto my hair, add a dash of water that coats your head then work up a nice lather. It lathers up quite quickly and very thick, so take advantage while you can. It's very time consuming to really scrub your roots, but the more scrubbing, the better the results.

I love the sea salt in this mixture, really cleans and purifies the hair. My hair feels nice, looks shiny and smells great. most importantly has that extra voluminous. However; this should NOT be used as a daily shampoo! Depending on how oily your hair gets I would recommend using it once or twice (for extra oily hair) a week. I would absolutely recommend this shampoo to anyone looking to add volume, deep clean and make their hair last longer between shampoos.

** item was gifted at the LUSH Melbourne Bloggers / Vloggers Event, Everything Is in my own, honest, legit words. I was not paid to write a positive review. **