Thursday, 29 August 2013

WASP Designer Lashes DL6 -Review

I've always been a lash girl, i just love how lashes can help create a fuller, thicker and even add length. At one stage I wore lashes every single day cause I was just obsessed, now ive chilled out a bit and only decided to wear them when needed. I recently discovered a brand named WASP, they do lashes, hair curlers and even hair extensions. I was even more excited when they offered to send out a pair of lashes for me to try. :)

how many times have i said lashes now? haha lashes

WASP Designer Lash DL6
Double Pack
RRP: $16

" WASP Designer Lash DL6 suit medium to long lashes and create thickness and length. Best worn with eyeliner and eye shadow to maximize the effect, they provide an intense look designed for day or night wear. Each pack includes two pairs. "

Unlike any other lashes on the market, Wasp Designer Lashes are natural enough to wear everyday and suitable for all ages. Theyre also perfect enough to add extra length and volume to your eyes for a night out with the girls. These are super easy to apply, as the pack comes with their own little tools to help create lashes.

-Set of Two Lashes
-Lash Glue
-Lash Curler Applicator
-Handy Positioning Stick
-Silver Tin (to store your lashes in)

Most lashes have a thick heavy black band (where you apply glue on) but Wasp lashes have a light, clear and natural sleek look to them, which is easier to make the lashes look more natural and real.

The tools are easy to use, which shortens the time of applying, use the lash curler applicator to scoop the lashes in a smiling position and then apply a thin layer of glue.Which goes on white and drys clear, then use your handy positoning stick to push them to the outer corncers of your eyes and close to your lashe line, to ensure you get the full effect. To remove them you gently pull off and remove any left off glue, restore them back in their box.

I loved how super easy it was and how it added these extra benefits to my eyes. Theyre truly the best pair of lashes i have even worn. They felt very light, looked natural and didnt have any signs of falling off through out the day. I like that Wasp has all different types of lashes available to pick from. For a cheap price of $16, theyre honestly worth every cent. You definitly get your monies worth out of these lashes, as you get two pairs in one set. Ive already recommand these to my friends and will be making a purschase with them!