Monday, 19 August 2013

Australis Make-up Finishing Spritz - Review

 " Australis Make-up Finishing Spritz is a light breathable spray that it safe to use on all skin types. This rose water hydration-saver-mist provides an invisible shield over the face to set make-up for all-day wear. Also contains aloe-vera to maintain moisture and promote soft skin. "

A make-up finishing product is the newest addition to my make-up routine, i never really thought I needed one but until i purchased one, i haven't looked back. As i don't use a primer, i thought using a finishing spray would give me the exact results. Would it does, just less oily and more refreshing.

As my first make-up setting spray, i didn't want to purchase anything to expensive, as i wanted to test out other products before putting my favorite. I just wanted something, inexpensive, did the job and was long lasting. The Australis make-up finishing spritz kept jumping out while i was shopping, i always found myself using there testers and reading over it a thousand times. After making up my mind of which brand i should pick, i picked Australis. To be honest, I'm very happy with this choice.

You'll find that the product is a spray with a spray nozzle, that's easy to use. It sprays just a nice amount of product onto your skin that doesn't release to much, nor leaves your skin feeling wet. The spray itself has a pink shade and has rose scent, which smells very pretty and sweet. Its very relaxing and soothing. It contains aloe vera, which its hydrating when applied. 
I apply this before and after my make-up to get the best results and has that extra hold to my foundation / powder. It doesn't dry out nor makes your skin soak in water. It also helps make your face look dewy and fresh instead of cakey, really does even out the powder to insure a flawless coverage. It does the trick into keeping my make-up set in place. If you're looking for a good setting spray, or even a affordable product then i would suggest purchasing Australis.

Can Be Purchased At Priceline & other stores that stock Australis.
150ML - RRP: $14.95