Saturday, 31 August 2013

Realm Of Hu Jewellery ❤

I've always loved jewellery and how they can tie an outfit together. A big statement and stacks of bangles and endless rings are what I like. I worked in a jewellery store for over a year, and I honestly reckon I have enough to open my own store haha. But as trends come an go, my pile doesn't seem to work with any of my clothes. Hunting for pieces that are simple but yet stylish does become very hard, until Realm Of Hu sent out a little goodie box full of some amazing pieces. Each piece was definitely my style, I honestly couldn't wait to wear them.

Realm Of Hu is an online fashion jewellery store that carefully select pieces that are great quality and are current trends. They aim to give customers gorgeous outfit looks, with wearing beautiful pieces to make an outfit stand out. Everything within the store is very affordable, so it doesn't leave your wallet crying for days.

Geometric Petal Necklace - Fluro Yellow
RRP: $30
Buy Here: Fluro Necklace

Bold Fluro yellow necklace with small gold bars in between, it adds detail, breaks up the yellow to ensure a gorgeous piece that both colours compliment each other. The chain is a round gold snake chain with a lobster clasp, this necklace does hang low, but it's perfect, you can always tighten it to make a collar piece. When styling this, wear simple, pain colours to ensure the forces is on the necklace, can pair it up with Fluro yellow heels too, get it the full effect.

Queen Crown Swarovski Crystal Ring.
RRP: $20
Buy Here: Queen Ring

I'm obsessed with crown rings, due to my last name being King, I guess you can tell why I like them. Haha. This ring is gorgeous, it is very small but it can still stand out, if you wear it the ring way. It is adjustable, so you can wear it on any finger without worrying about it getting stuck. It's encrusted with Swarovski crystals that adds stylish glamour to any girls outfit and collection. I've wore this almost every single day since I first got it, it hasn't let any green marks on my fingers, hasn't lost any of the crystals nor lost its shine. The quality is wonderful

Gold & Black Snake Bangle
RRP: $10
Buy Here: Snake Bangle

As much as I love bangles, I do have big hands that block my small waist, i was very worried about it not fitting but I was very amazed when this bangle just slided right on without any problems. Gold and black always look so lovely together, but adding a texture of snake print to the bangle just sent me crazy. It was the hottest thing ever! I like how the bangle is focused on the snake print, even though its black, it does stand out and can easily be styled with a matching necklace. It's suitable for any occasion that can be worn in an arm party or just by itself. 

Gold / Orange Buckle Leather Bracelet.
RRP: $20
Buy Here: Buckle Leather Bracelet

When I first saw this on their Instagram, I had to have it. The colours, and buckles just drew me into it. It definitely caught my eyes. The bracelet is made to wrap around your waist to look like you're wearing two bracelets. Matching gold and orange work so well together and adding those buckles add detail and a pop of texture. Orange is such a fun colour, so wearing this in the summer time would be perfect.It's made with 100% leather with approximately 41 cms in length. Some days, I even wear it as a head piece, people are shocked to know its a bracelet.