Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo Spray: Blush - Review

My hair doesn't get to oily after a couple of days without washing, but it does look a little dry, flat, dirty and straw like at the ends of my hair. So using a quick fix of dry shampoo can really do a great job. It absorbs oil, leaves a scent and also helps look fresh, clean and healthy. I recently discovered Batiste after other bloggers and beauty gurus spoken very highly about their products.

It is an aerosol spray can with a white powdery substance that is designed for you to spray onto dry hair that can absorb excess oils or even freshen up your hair. Ive found that its great to use on days in between washes or even after a gym work out. The Blush scent was quite florally, fresh an sweet. It is a very strong scent while applying, does get overpowdering depending on how much you use.The scent does wear off after awhile, but it does continute to hold its results. The directions recommend to spray the shampoo onto the roots and wait a few minutes before brushing through the rest of your hair.

First time I applied this, I did noitce a few white marks on my hair, which would quickly disappear as I ran my fingers through my hair then brushed it out, I reckon I was just holding it a little to close to my hair. As easy it is to apply this towards your hair, it does come out in a very strong high-pressure burst so you'd need to hold it far away to spread it evenly over your hair. You do get an extra bonus with these shampoos, it creates volume from the roots, that can help give your hair that extra boost it needs. That's something i really did like about this product.

Overall, I love everything about this product, it does exactlly what the product is meant to do. It smells fantastic, blends very well, absorbs oil for the whole day and gives great volume. This is one of the many products i would recommend to a lot of people and also repurschase :)