Monday, 15 July 2013

With Love Kirsten HAUL :):)

Recently i did a HUUGGGEE shop on the online company named With Love Kirsten.. they always have insane deals, amazing pieces and even replica designer items. Ive been shopping with them for awhile now, and lets be honest, i dont think id ever stop. They currently gave items away for FREE! Yes, i just said FREE!! and what was even better, that they were some of the items i wanted but kept selling out, so i dead set got almost everything in every colour and got some pieces for my younger siblings. 

 Iphone Case:

Currently i have placed my phone into a phone wallet case, as i keep dropping my phone and scared id smash it one day... but i couldnt help but buy this inspired Chanel Nail Polish iphone case.
The case doesn't have bubbles on it, like the photo shows. i just haven't taken the protective case off yet < lazzzzzy! Anyways, they are available in many colours and for iphone 5's. Its a rubber case, but would of been better for hard case, but honestly i dont even care... ive wanted one for awhile now. So instead of painting your nails, paint your phone with you favorite chanel polish.

-Chanel Inspired Nail Polish iPhone Covers *461 BLUE SATIN*- $6.99


i love everything about sunnies. i honestly own like a thousand pairs, but yet i'll keep buying more. I like how different they all are, colours, shades, sizes and designs. Hoping to trend these over the summer months.

Even my dad loved the cute leopard rabbit ones above, that he tried them straight on and said.. "id wear these"

Each pair was FREE!!!


Just the little things can honestly make your face look even more gorgeous, earring can actually shape your face to make it look slimmer, longer or smaller.
As working in retail, i can only wear studs, so snapping up a few earrings were awesome!

-Gold Wish Bone - $1.99
- Gold Infinity Studs - $0.99
- Gold Skulls - Free
- Arrow Studs (not pictured) - FREE


personally, its so hard to find a decent ring(s) that i like wearing, or want to wear more then once. I brought these 3 designs (skull, bear and rabbit) in both gold and silver. As my younger sisters were actually looking for tiny animal rings, i was lucky enough to get these for them... and some extra for myself :)
- Gold & Silver Skull - FREE
- Gold & Silver Bear - FREE
- Gold & Silver Rabbit - FREE


Mini necklaces have always seem to be in fashion. Everyone has heard of the saying " less is more". These two inspired Marc Jacobs necklaces were to die for. I brought them both in gold and wear them together. They're the same length, so i extended the bow one to hang a little lower then the star, to add more detail and for more of a statement look. These are perfect for everyday wear and stack them up for a night look.

- MJ Inspired Dainty Star Necklace- $4.99
- MJ Inspired Dainty Heart Necklace- $4.99

Big Statements:

If you know me personally, youd know how much i love huge necklaces. Ive always seen them as the knot to an outfit, that can really tie everything together or even make an outfit really stand out. With Love Kirsten had this necklace in 3 colours. Coral, Silver or Pink.. i brought the pink, as i don't have many pink accessories and it'd look perfect to mix and match with your summer clothes.
Also brought another huge gold statement. My whole family said i was crazy for buying it, as its was massive, but to me, it was pure haven & would be the mother of all my necklaces. haha. I honestly cant wait to wear this out.. (find picture below)
- Gold Statement Necklace - $12.99
- Pink Statement Necklace - $12.99