Monday, 29 July 2013


I only just recently discovered Candle Jewels on Facebook. I've seen many other online companies that do the exact thing but never ship to Australia, so I was super excited when I found out that Candle Jewels was AUSTRALIAN!! Wooop!

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RRP: $34.95
You're possibly wondering what is Candle Jewels, so here's a quick brief idea:

Many scented candles that each have a surprise inside, each candle has a ring inside starting from $50 to $7000 in value! The candles are approximately 16cm high with a 9cm diameter. Average burning time is 120 hours and smell AMAZING!

I purchased the Fairy Floss scent candle as I'm a lover for floss and knew it'd smell just like candy. I was super excited to start burning this baby as I've been waiting so long for one of these. I received the candle 2 days after paying for it. Talk about fast postage or what? The first day I got it, I didn't wanna burn it, as I wanted to take photos. My boyfriend was even more excited then I was, he was begging me to burn it, but I didn't give in. We both just admired the smell that night.

Candle Jewels - Fairy Floss

As it came to the morning, I set fire to that candle, and OMG! The smell reminded me of when i was a little girl back in primary school, waiting in line at the fair to get fairy floss. The smell was so strong, I loved it. I burnt the candle for at least 3-4 hours each night, the excitement of watching the candle, each time the wax melted it meant just a little bit more until I can pull my ring out.

After 2 weeks of burning the candle, the little package was swimming around. The excitement was insane. I pulled it straight out.. I didn't care about the burning wax on my fingers, I was dying to see it. The ring was wrapped in foil & plastic pocket for safety of the ring. Which was a great idea! My ring was gorgeous, BIG & RED! I don't know the value of the ring  I don't think I'd actually get it valued by a jeweller, as money can't put a price tag on the excitement it gave my partner and myself.

Top Left: Ring Swimming Around In Candle.
Top Right: Ring Wrapped Up
Bottom Left: Ring Safely Wrapped In Plastic Bag
Bottom Right: MY RING!! 

Overall; I loved the service, the candle, the smell, the package and most importantly the ring! It's worth the price and ill definitely be repurchasing these candles for friends and family as gifts! I'm a happy customer, and will recommending this to everyone! So head over to their page & order your candle today, you will also receive a sample of another scent!