Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Essence 24H Hand Protection Balm ( Winter Edition)

In the colder months, my hands get dry, flakey and sometimes crack in the creases of my knuckles. It gets very painful that I have to constantly rub cream on my hands or worse wash my hands for relief. Which is a huge No No, as that makes my hands 10 times worse then before.

Caramel Hot Chocolate - $1.95

Finding a hand balm is harder then you think, I want something that reliefs pain, smooth, soft and doesn't give the oily feel after applying. After trying many testers in the shops, I saw the Essence shelf that was stacked with hand balms with different scents. There wasn't any testers, so I took my chance & grabbed the Caramel Hot Chocolate bottle that read:

" This 24h hand protection balm is an intensive repair care for particularly rough and dry hands, the repair formula with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil provides moisture, care and protects your hands from dryness for up to 24hrs. Does not leave an oily residue. Caramel Hot Chocolate scented hand cream "

The Winter Editions to the Hand Protection Balm range evoke memories of our favourite winter warmer drinks. The three new flavours/scents are: Caramel Hot ChocolateApple Cinnamon Punch & Gingerbread Chai Latte.

When I first applied the cream / balm, the fragrance was nice and smelt almost yummy but then it reminded me of La Tan (fake tanning spray). They were true to scent and exactly what the bottle says. After the application the scent does fade away after time unless you cover my face with your hands, which you'll keep doing once you've applied them. The Essence balms are $1.95 and I honestly thought due to the price tag, the products would at least be greasy, which is something I truly hate! After using this for a week, I was wrong. It's very light wright, worked its magic and definitely did what it was described to do. It's truly left my hands feeling, smooth and soft. Although I don't think it kinda lives up to "24hr protection" I'd recommend reapply every couple of hours just to keep the moisture in your hands.

I love the Essence products, but it's such a huge shame that they discontinue their products after a couple of weeks from releasing them. I haven't been able to see these in Priceline (where I brought mine) but I did see some at Target.