Sunday, 2 March 2014

Killer Queen Oh So Sheer - Katy Perry Review

I was super excited when this Katy Perry fragrance arrived on my doorstep. I couldn't want to rip through the postal bag and get a whiff of it. 

Killer Queen 'Oh So Sheer' Collection is Spring / Summer Time's playful version of Katy Perry's new fragrance for the fanatics looking for a lighter, more translucent fragrance.The fragrance offers all of the Killer Queen royalty with a little bit of playful attitude in colorful packaging perfect for the spring.
RRP: $59
Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, who also developed the original, is responsible for this creation. The fragrance opens with juicy wild berries (which include mulberry and elderberry), black current and dark plum. The heart is made of velvet red flower, jasmine, freesia and plumeria. Kashmir wood, liquid praline, caramel and patchouli give the intensity and sweetness to the composition.
Let's get into the review: I LOVE this bottle, it's very unusual and completely different to any fragrance I own or actually anything else on the market. I adore the conical shape, its almost like half diamond and half hand granade, it's a very girly touch. I really like that it lays down onto my draws (not everyone will like that) however I do wish they'd sell a stand or something, just to give some people peace of mind - knowing that it won't roll off the draws. (Which it hasn't yet.)
Oh So Sheer, has some of the most amazing fruity scents.. When first smelling, you're able to notice the blackberry which I personally love. Then you'll get a small scent of Caramel, then some jasmine and freesia in the background. which is AMAZING, it's almost to yummy to wear. However It starts off very strong but it does fade off through out the day. So always do a little touch up, I did wear this fragrance to work and I was quite surprised it lasted 4-5hours before it started to fade.

Top Notes: Purple Plum, Muberry, Blackberry, Elderberries
Middle Notes: Purple Freesia, Rainbow Plumeria, Red Velvet Flower, Purple Lilac
Base Notes: Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart and Liquid Praline.
Even though this fragrance is more Summer/Spring, I'd be wearing all year around. I just adore fruity scents, it just lights your mood up. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a sweet,  light, fresh and a real summery scent. 

* Review Is 100% my honest thoughts.
* This product was sent out for consideration.
* I was not paid to review.

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