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LUSH Easter Collection 2014 + Giveaway

You'll find below the LUSH Easter 2014 Collection featuring soaps, massages bars, bath bombs and more, these products are limited edition and will only be available for a short period of time, so if youre planning on replacing those nasty chocolate eggs this Easter, make sure you get your hands on something more healthy and enjoyable... like these Easter products before they're sold out.

LUSH have estimated that the Easter bunny will drop all the handmade goodies to the stores as of April 3rd!

Also can't forget about the awesome giveaway that LUSH & myself ( yes.. We've teamed up! OH MY GOSH) that one lucky reader / follower could win. So keep reading to find out how you can win :)

                                                   Carrot soap ($6.95 for 100g)
A spectacular carrot-shaped soap with a bunny hiding in every slice! The orange part is made with carrot oil to moisturise; while the white bunny inside is made with cocoa butter to soften. The fragrance smells nothing like carrots however, as we’ve used fruity essential oils such as buchu, lemon and bergamot to really make your mouth water.

Bunch of Carrots Re-Usable Bubble Bars ($9.95) 
Back from last year, this time as a bunch of three smaller carrots, so each one can be used quicker when it’s at its freshest. As a re-usable bubble bar, place under the running taps to create lots of bubbles, then pop it on the side for another time. Fragranced with the same fruity oils as the Carrot soap, there’s also a little bit of nutritious carrot oil in each one, which is rich in vitamins and an extraordinary skin soother and rejuvenator.
Bunny Bubble Bar ($5.95) 
A cute little bubble bar shaped like a white rabbit, made with a brand new formula. This one has a similar mix to a bubbleroon, with shea butter and coconut oil. This means you get a more condensed bar that can be broken in half and used over two baths. Or you can use the whole things for masses of softening Creamy Candy scented bubbles. Inspired by the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, this sweet little fellow has a pink tummy containing little cornstarch flowers to float in your bath water. Scented with the best selling Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance, it’s coated with with in Palestine.
PET free golden lustre.Inspired by chocolate cream eggs, we reverse it and coated the hard bath bomb centre with a creamy bath melt shell.

Fluffy Egg Bath Ballistic ($5.50) 
A best seller every year, this sweetie scented pink egg is adorned with a candy flower. It’s like bathing in a bubbling mass of marshmallow, candy floss and jelly bean scented water ... you’ll get your sugar fix without anything passing your lips! Available in spots or zig- zag patterns. 
Golden Egg Bath Melt Ballistic ($6.50) 
A brand new invention, this egg is a bath bomb coated in bath melt mixture. It will unexpectedly sink to the bottom of the bathtub while the outer layer dissolves, popping to the surface as the fizzing centre is revealed. The outer bath melt mix is made using our beautiful fair trade, organic, Colombian Peace Village cocoa butter and olive oil from a brand new permaculture project we’re working.
Brightside Bubble Bar ($10.50)
Back this year and this time to stay, as it joins our all year round range after Easter! A bright and cheerful swirl of a bubble bar to give you a fresh and cheerful perspective. Scented with a trio of uplifting and invigorating oils, there’s: Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oil and just a squeeze of lemon. All are energising and also incredibly toning oils that will lift the spirits and clear the mind. Crumble under the running taps and watch as the water turns into a hazy red and orange sunset with frothy white clouds of bubbles.

The Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb ($11.95) 

One of Lush’s innovative double-layered bath ballistics, these are hollow eggs with a surprise inside. crack the outer layer bubble bar and ballistic mix to reveal either a mini chick or bunny ballistic inside! You can then throw the outer eggshell and its inhabitant into the bathtub and enjoy a vanilla absolute, lemon and grapefruit scented soak. There are two colours to choose from, the yellow egg with green decoration contains the bunny; while the pink egg with yellow or blue decoration contains the chick. They both make for a cracking great bath!

*all information and photos have been provided by LUSH.

Giveaway Time:

LUSH and CHANELKXO have teamed up to give one lucky reader a chance to win a 'Bunty Gift Box' valued at $23.95 AUD! How awesome is that? 

Bunty gift (RRP $23.95) … Bunty is our best-selling gift for the young and young-at-heart. It includes one of our long-time favourites, Think Pink Bath Bomb. Topped with candy flowers and filled with confetti hearts, Think Pink turns the bath water a lovely pink colour (could you have guessed?) with the scent of scrumptious vanilla candy. Also in Bunty is our ever-popular Comforter bubble bar for mounds of yummy blackcurrant bubbles, Space Girl bath ballistic for sweetly scented blackcurrant bathing and Creamy Candy for a cotton-candy bubble bath extravaganza. Vegan.
Content: Think Pink and Space Girl bath ballistics, Mini Comforter bubble bar and Creamy Candy bubble bar.

So if this pack is appealing to you, that you must have it in your life. Heres how to enter:

Repost this image below onto Instagram.
- Tag @chanelkxo & @lush_ausnz 

You must be following both accounts and must have your account on public.
Competition starts 5/03/2014 and will close on 31/03/2014. 
Winner will be drawn 1/04/2014
Winner has 48hrs to reply - otherwise prize will be redrawn
Giveaway is only open to Australia residents ONLY
Enter as many times as you like

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