Friday, 7 March 2014

Her Fashion Box February 2014

My very first box from Her Fashion Box! I'm super excited to share it with you all. The February box did arrive late, I received mine on 28th Feb, I do believe the boxes are meant to be sent out mid month - however there was a delay due to some issue they had with product delivery. Which was totally understandable :) Heres my first review on their February 2014 box.

Her Fashion Magazine:
A little booklet with all the details and information about what products are included in the monthly box.
Shop Till You Drop Magazine:
Lets just take a moment to embrace Phoebe Tonkins beauty! Perfect cover girl, and I'm a huge fan of her. I'm already a subscriber to STYD and already have this mag - but there is nothing wrong with having two copies! However ill probably give my mother a copy to read while in hospital.

Bondi Sands Summer Bronze Instant Tan Ultra Fine Mist ($16.95)

If you're obsessed with looking bronzed all year around or just into tanning, then you know about Bondi Sands. I've never personally tried Bondi Sands, but through out Summer it was one of the many tanning products that everyone was raving about. Ill definitely be giving this a shot, and hopefully it doesn't rub off onto my clothes. It comes in two colours - Light/Medium and Dark. I received the Light/Medium colour which will be perfect for my skin tone.

Urban Rituelle In Vanilla Petit Parfum ($14.95)

This product comes in a travel size fragrance bottle. The packaging of the actual bottle is gorgeous. It comes in a clear glass with a floral print. Then comes in a white matte box with floral embossing. Cute or what? The scent is very flirty, it's sweet but not over kill. It's a perfect warm vanilla smell for winter. I definitely see myself wearing this in the colder months! also wouldn't mind getting the full collection of 5. It's also very handy to pop into your handbag and go!

Chap Stick Day and Night ($6.99)

Another product I've never tried. It's a new release by Chap Stick, that quite surprising, I haven't heard much about them. The pack contains two tubs - one for day and the other for night. With added Vitamin E and SPF 15+, Chapstick EveryDay Lip Care is great for slicking on when you're on the go to help repair and protect your lips everyday. With soothing Aloe Vera, Chapstick Night Repair is your perfect bedtime companion for ensuring lasting protection as you sleep, perfect for keeping your lips looking happy and healthy.

Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain No. 27 ($39)

Combining 3 products in one, a gloss, a stain and a lacquer creating the perfect pout has never been easier. Mirenesse is quite a popular Australian brand, that's grown a huge beauty base over the last couple of months. I've personally brought from them and their products are amazing! So there's no problem with me liking this lip bomb. The texture is creamy, stains the lips well and does last all day! The Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain is free from a number of harsh chemicals including parabens, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil and mercury.

Lipstick Republic Shadow Shields (Sample)

As a sample gift, two shadow shields were included in this months box. If you're obsessed with trying out new shadows like myself, but always get fall out. These shields will come in handy for you! Can also use the shields to create thee effect lipstick application.

Her Fashion Box Different Darkness Necklace ($19.95)

Jewellery theme for February is Dainty Delicacy. The necklace is super cute, it's layered with black and gold along with tiny star charms. It's quite simple but would still very girly. They'd definitely look great when pairing with other necklaces. 

Her Fashion Box Solar Bracelets ($24.95)

These bracelets are inspired by the solar system, thrilled with zesty neon yellow and more subdued shades of pink and black to bring balance and ensure you're planets align. It does come in a 3 pack, would look great to wear all three or even give one each to your two best friends - as BFF charms. 

That's all the goodies into this months Her Fashion Box, I'm very happy with it! Some of these products I've never really been sure of purchasing or never heard of - so I'd be exciting to try them out, and hopefully get a full review on them. If you're interested in purchasing a monthly box. Check out Her Fashion Box for more details :) x

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