Saturday, 17 May 2014

APRIL 2014 - Her Fashion Box

Would you believe me if I said my March box arrived a week before I received Aprils box? Well that's exactly happened to me, Her Fashion Boxes just seem to be arriving later and later as time goes on. I felt left outta the loop on Aprils box as there wasn't much follow up by the social media person. There was an email sent out in the last couple of days of April, promising that boxes would be mailed out the next day. couple weeks later, still nothing. At this point I was very annoyed, as I didn't receive a email back with a follow up, nor a reply back to facebook, twitter or Instagram comments.

There wasn't a reason given for why the boxes were so late, just that the team have been working really hard getting them out. I totally understand things happen and are completely outta people's control but it's quite frustrating paying for a monthly subscription, not getting it on time and not getting a form of contact back. For a service you're paying for turns out like this, kinda makes me want to cancel my subscription.

Anyways enough about my rant / sooking. haha lets just start this:

Bonus Gift: I received a Her Fashion Box tote as my free gift for completing March's survey. Great little bag for shopping or carrying my Uni books.
1) Cedel - Coconut Bay Hairspray ($4.99)
I love my hair products and I love hairspray even more! I love how the fragrance smells exactly like coconut. Which is quite refreshing! I've perilously owned this. it's super lightweight, non sticky and easy to brush out. The packaging is also very cute and funky.

2) Manicare - Fashion Nail Shaper ($1.95)
I'm not much of a nail person. However I'm a sucker for packaging and this packaging is adorable. It'd definitely come in handy, something small to throw into your bag.

3) Urban Rituelle - Coconut & Honey ($4.95)
Im a fan of Urban Rituelle and loved their perfume bottle in February's box. However this certain product won't be used by me. Don't assume I'm being rude, I'm actually allergic to soap, along with honey. However it does smell lovely. I may pass this onto a friend or keep for a giveaway.

4) Mor - Five Sachets Of Hand Cream (80ml - $14.95)
I've tried a few of these hand creams before and I love them! The formula absorbs into the skin quickly, helps soothes dry hands leaving them feeling pampered, restored moisture and with a lovely scent. I'll most likely save these for a giveaway or pass onto someone.

5) Her Fashion Box - Luminesce Socks ($24.95)
These are cute knee high socks and perfect for the colder months but I don't see myself wearing them. I'm not really a huge fan on knee high socks nor do I see what makes these socks worth $24.95? I'll wear them around the house, but doubt I'd wear them outside.

6) Her Fashion Box - White Noise Earrings ($19.95)
Another product I won't be able to use, only because I no longer have my ears pierced. However theyre cute and love the detail. Another product for a giveaway.

7) Her Fashion Box - Coraline Cuff ($19.95)
I already own a similar cuff in pink. It's a cute bracelet to add an extra pop to an outfit. I love the look, colours and spike details! definitely going to get a lot of wear.

Overall: 5 outta 7 products will not be used by me, so this months box is disappointing. It really wasn't worth waiting for, however I'm sure these products are more appealing to others but if I wasn't allergic, had my ears pierced and hadn't tried some of these products before I would of enjoyed this box. But I'm excited for May's box for their designer collaboration, so fingers crossed May's will make up for Aprils.

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