Friday, 9 May 2014

Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes

                      Murine launches new revolutionary Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes®

Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® are both Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested and recommended, and can be used daily to refresh tired eyes, remove makeup, ocular secretions and scales, sweat and crusted eye matter.

 Murine has just launched new single sachet Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes®, ideal to refresh tired gritty eyes for busy people on the go.

The new Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® are uniquely textured hypoallergenic wipes for effective, gentle cleansing around eyelids, lashes and general eye area.

The new single use wipes are carefully pH balanced to match the natural pH of human tears, making them ideal for contact lens wearers and can be used on sensitive skin, especially the delicate skin around the eyes.

Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® are free of alcohol, fragrances, preservatives, and are enriched with soothing chamomile extract.

Each pack of Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® contains 30 individual single sachets which can be easily popped in handbags, sports bags, purses, car glove boxes and glasses cases – for convenient and easy use no matter where you are.

Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® can also be used directly from the sachet or as a hot or cold compress.

Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® are great for:
·         Quick eye makeup tidy ups
·         Cleansing and refreshing infected eyes
·         Refreshing sweaty eyes after a workout
·         Refreshing dry eyes associated with menopause
·         Calming aching eyes affected by cold or flu
·         Refreshing dry and tired eyes after long drives, flights or hours staring at the computer
·         Calming itchy eyes affected by hayfever
·         Refreshing dry and tired eyes from wearing contact lens

Top tips from Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® for maintaining good ocular health:
ü  Drink plenty of water to keep your whole body, including your eyes, hydrated
ü  Ensure you remove contact lens and any eye make-up before sleeping
ü  Keep a single sachet Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® on hand to refresh your eyes when feeling tired or gritty
ü  Try to get quality sleep and avoiding repeated late nights
ü  Make sure you wear sunglasses while in high UV or glary environments
ü  Take regular breaks from your computer screen – look away from the screen every 5 minutes and focus on something further away

Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes® RRP: $16.95
Available at pharmacies nationally or call 1800 788 870 for stockists details.

For more information about Clear Eyes by Murine Wipes®, please visit

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