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LUSH - Valentine's Day Collection Range 2014

Friday, February 14th 2014

This time of year again, where we spend huge amount of dollars on roses, chocolates, teddy bears on the special person in our life's. this year instead of buying all that stuff, treat your loved one with products from LUSH's Valentines Day Collection Range. All these products will be hitting the stores and online on January 30th 2014 !  These pieces are available for a limited time, and will be selling out FAST! So make sure you're ready to snap up these goodies before they're sold out.

Get in the mood for love with this collection of new creations especially for Valentine’s Day!

NEW! Love Locket bath bomb ($8.95) ... Unlock pure luxury The Love Locket was inspired by the kind of heart-shaped locket you wear as a necklace, perhaps with a secret photograph of a loved one inside. Like any love locket, you need to unlock the bath bomb to reveal the secret hidden within. Crack your locket in half, to unveil the hidden heart in the centre.

The outside of the locket is full of paper hearts that will float out onto the surface of the water, while the hidden heart inside is laden with agar hearts to create a spectacular bath time display. Use each half and the inner heart individually (so three baths in total), or throw it all in the bath tub at once for a really decadent bath, enough to get any heart aflutter. The brand new fragrance is made from some of our most luxurious essential oils: Fairtrade vanilla absolute, neroli oil and jasmine absolute are blended to create a sweet, sensual and uplifting indulgent bath time. (Vegan)

NEW! Neon Love soap ($6.95 per 100g) ... Fresh and fruity
Inspired by 12 Months of Neon Love, a collaboration between artists Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater, beginning on Valentine’s Day 2011 and ending on Valentine’s Day 2012. The art featured lyrics from well-known love songs, in huge neon writing!
This huge heart shaped soap, emblazoned with the word ‘Love’, is scented with a brand new fragrance of bergamot, rosewood and cinnamon leaf oil and packed full of fresh ingredients, such as fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt to nourish and soften the skin. Hiding inside are plenty of little white hearts to ensure every slice looks as beautiful and romantic as it smells. (Vegan)

The rosewood oil used in this soap comes from a project set up with funding from the Sustainable Lush Fund (S-Lush), where 2% of our annual buying spend is invested back into initiatives. With money from S-Lush, we bought the rights to a 6,000 hectare forest concession deep in the Amazon, to stop loggers from further deforestation. Working with local communities, we found the land to be full of rosewood trees and over the past few years we’ve worked with the locals on the ground there to set up a sustainable supply of rosewood oil, with their own distillation machinery to enable them to produce the oil on site. So far we’ve received over 100 kilos of rosewood oil from this source.

NEW! Close To You massage bar ($8.95) ... Melt your heart
This smooshable massage bar was inspired by the humble jammy dodger. As you peek through the heart shaped hole on top of the bar you can see into the sumptuous white fondant centre.

Made with a luxurious blend of butters and oils, including cupuaçu butter, shea butter and olive oil, this rich bar shares the same delicious vanilla fragrance as in Rock Star soap and Creamy Candy bubble bar. Guaranteed to bring someone special Close to You! (Vegan)

NEW! Prince Charming shower gel ($8.95 for 100g/ $16.50 for 250g/ $26.50 for 500g) ... Happily ever after 
A shower gel made for princesses and for anyone who needs a Prince Charming in their life! This sweet-scented, neon pink shower gel is fit for royalty. Marshmallow root and Fair Trade vanilla pod decoction forms the base, giving a very soothing experience, boosted by nourishing almond oil and cleansing, cooling and astringent fresh pomegranate juice. Prince Charming has a new fragrance of organic sandalwood, geranium and grapefruit essential oils to sweep you off your feet and leave you skin silky soft and smelling lovely. (Vegan)

NEW! Tender is the Night massage bar ($10.50)... Soft and sensual Tender is the Night returns this year with a new look. Inspired by Blurs song Tender and 1920s author F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel of the same name, this sensual and sexy massage bar has swapped its soft centre for a solid blend of softening shea butter and murumuru butter, with a larger surface area and pink flower on top. This bar is cocoa butter free and contains an intoxicating blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and Fair Trade vanilla essential oils and absolutes. Tender is the Night massage bar will be joining the all year round range. (Vegan)

Gifts ...

NEW! Heart of Gold gift ($42.50) ...
A selection of pampering goodies for yourself or someone special.
Gift contents: French Kiss bubble bar, The Comforter bubble bar, Rock Star soap 100g, From Dusk til Dawn massage bar, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner 45g. (Vegan)

NEW! Sexy Fun Times gift ($18.95) ...
With a sexy massage bar and a piece of FUN, this gift equals sexy fun times!
Gift contents: Tender is the Night massage bar, Pink FUN 200g.

NEW! Be Mine gift ($23.50) ...
Three luxurious treats for the body; a scrubby soap, a sensual massage bar, plus our award-winning Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.
Gift contents: Porridge soap, Soft Coeur massage bar, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner 45g.

Returning Favourites ... 

The Kiss tinted lip balm ($9.95) ... Shine and allure
This preservative free tinted lip balm gives a touch of colour to the lips without needing a mirror. A delightfully whipped up mixture of luxury humectant butters such as Fair Trade shea and cupuacu, with a very tasty organic agave syrup to easily smooth into the skin leaving a high shine finish, boosted by PET free sparkles.
Organic mandarin and almond essential oils create an uplifting fragrance and moreish taste, making every kiss unforgettable. To give your lips a little something extra, we also added guarana seed powder, a natural lip plumper to make your pout irresistible. (Vegan)

These limited edition Valentines products will be available in LUSH stores nationwide, and online at LUSH.COM.AU from January 30th 2014.

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