Monday, 27 January 2014

INDEED LABS: Pepta Bright - FADE TO BRIGHT - Review.

Take your skin from lackluster to luminous with the latest breakthrough from Indeed LaboratoriesTM. Introducing pepta-bright, the most advanced skin brightening treatment, designed to restore your skin’s natural luminosity. With consistent use, skin appears clearer and more radiant than ever before. Indeed Laboratories know that dullness, discolouration and dark spots. To combat this, Indeed created a formula maximising the potential of seven powerful actives to brighten the skin whilst !

RRP: $34.99

Indeed Labs  is the international company behind accessible wonder products nanoblur, hyrdaluron, eysilix, snoxin which are affordable, non- surgical ways for consumers to improve their appearance for a fraction of the price. Indeed Laboratories objective is to eliminate marketing hype and costs from skin treatments and deliver real results as cost effectively as possible. Products use high concentrations of the rarest and most effective actives from clinical labs in Switzerland, Spain, France and and US.

The cream-serum formula is a feather-light yet rich in texture, making it the perfect base for moisturiser or even used before your makeup. When using this product daily, this breakthrough serum stimulates cells turnover while maintaining hydration. While using it for the last 3 weeks, the results in my skin feel nourished and smooth to touch. Has helped reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, and a clear complexion.

I did notice that before my skin got lighter, it did however go fairly dark (around my eyes). I'm very unsure if this happens to others that are using it. But I'm just glad it didn't leave me with dark circles. It did however clear them up and made them somehow became lighter than before. Now this was the moment that I wished I took before and after shoots. I'm so hopeless when it comes to that. Ill definitely keep using this product, and do a update with process photos.

Pepta-bright is a safe and effective way to address pigmentation concerns, and is free from Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Parabens and Mercury. In regulating the skin’s natural pigmentation process, pepta-bright is able to reduce the size and intensity of dark spots, while discouraging any further spots from forming. Extraordinary Sepiwhite, brightens skin while Chromabright works to get the signs of photo-aging. 

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