Wednesday, 29 January 2014

KEEN SKIN - Coffee Soap Scrub Review

Wake your skin up with a bar full of goodness. this soap scrub is perfect for giving a soft, firm, healthy glow.

Keen currently launched their online website, and I was lucky enough to help them promote their brand. If you're unsure what Keen is, ill quickly run you through it. Keen Skin is targeting customers through their online Instagram site, selling their coffee soap scrub. It's very different to many of the other coffee scrubs on the market. Having their scrub in a soap / bar form allows us them to add many different essential and healthy ingredients for the skin that you could not include in a regular scrubs! The process is also a lot more difficult. It takes 3 hours to create 1 loaf, then a further 24 hours to set and cut. Then another 24 hours to cure, only to be ready for us!

ON SALE: $14.95

I have came across many coffee scrubs before and can honestly say Keen is so much easier to use. I got faster results, didn't have to spend extra time in the shower, and it was less messy! Keen Coffee Soap Scrub comes in a bar filled with healthy ingredients that help restore moisture, get rid of skin problems, leaves the skin feeling super soft and smooth and also leaves a light, pleasant scent.

With a coffee soap scrub it's super super easy to hold in the palm of your hands and start scrubbing in circular motions. The exfoliation beards are bigger and harder, which deeply exfoliates the skin giving it more of an affect. Upon opening the package, I smelt the coffee scent straight away, it was quite strong, but definitely smelt delicious, I started to crave coffee but what I really wanted to do was jump straight into the shower an scrub.

Quite simple to use - take Keen into the shower with you and start scrubbing. Had the water slightly running, then started rubbing in circular motions - targeting areas and all over my body until lather. I noticed instantly the exfoliation beards ( little black dots) that were deeply exfoliating the skin. It helped remove any dead skin. The caffeine in the coffee provides a tightening effect. (Which I felt on my arms, thighs and face)

Coffee Soap Scrub Benefits:
- Improves skin tone
- Moisturising
- Removes dead skin
- Improves cellulite appearance
- Improves stretch marks appearance
- Tightens and firm
- Perfect for before applying fake tan
- Improves blood flow under skin and much much more!

I used the soap every second day, I did notice how hydrated my skin was. The scrub sinked in deeply, leaving my skin conditioned, moisturized, smooth and soft. There was improvements of skin tone, and my skin felt tighter. I was also amazed about how clean and exfoliated my skin was. The soap did leave a light coffee scent, which was quite pleasant :)

I would definitely recommend this soap scrub for anyone who's seeking a deep cleanse, wanting to help restore their skin appearance, who fake tans regularly and of course anyone who just likes to scrub their body.

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