Tuesday, 21 May 2013

5 Beauty Products I've Finished - May 2013

5 Beauty Products, I've Finished. - May 2013

 Vera Wang; Preppy Princess:
I was given this as a Christmas present last year. I've always loved Vera Wang, and trying Preppy Princess for the first time, was exciting. This smells exactly how you'd imagine a preppy girl smelling- one of those girls who shops at the high end store, maybe upper-middle class, gets good grades in school, hold hands with her boyfriend at the park. It's a fresh scent, not obnoxiously flowery or sweet- it's young and innocent but suitable for a woman of all ages.

Swisspers; Facial Cleaning Wipes.
I've tried the other Swisspers wipes before (green tea and cucumber) but this one is the best in terms of the smell. I really like the fresh scent. Unlike many other wipes I've tried, Swisspers is perfect for me, coz the wipes are not too soggy - they just have the right amount of the cleansing stuff on it. And it does remove make up pretty well too! This is a great thing to use when you're just lazy to remove your make up at night. Plus, I never find a need to apply moisturiser after using this. 

Maybelline New York: Fit Me Pressed Powder (Sand Beige)
The package is very inviting, it's small but cute. The only thing I hated about the package, was that you had to keep flipping the powder up, just to use the mirror. Which would leave me covered in powder, if I didn't clean it up. Besides that, the formula was very lightweight, didnt make my face, look cakey or patchy. Blends very well with my foundation and other beauty products I use. 

Australis : Eyeshadow Primer.
FINALLY!!! I have been looking high and low for something to stop my oily lids from gathering eyeshadow in the creases and ruining my hard work! I decided to give this a go, despite it being considered a budget brand and I was excited to find that it does its job to perfection. I have worn this almost everyday for 8 hours with no fading whatsoever, just a dab on each lid, gently massage it in. Eyeshadow will not budge. I also have sensitive eyes and this is gentle as can be! Packaging is super cute, I love how Australis make all their products look alike (MAC inspiration?) Hot pink bottle with a black lid and doe foot applicator. 
Maybelline New York: Dream LUMI Touch. Highlighting Concealer.
this product is amazing. I used it every single day. It was easy to apply and looked amazing blended in. I used it under my eyes, brow bone, down my nose and a little on my chin. Even though it says "concealer" it looked more like a bright highlighter. To be honest, I truly felt like I could pull off Kim Kardashian's  hight light / contour look. The texture was very creamy and was quick to dry, so you have to be super quick to blend into the skin. It didn't look cakey or to light for my skin. It was perfect shade to lighten dark areas and make my features stand out.

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