Friday, 19 April 2013

5 Best Ways To Wear Glitter

it’s all about the sparkle and shine! Glitter seems to be the hottest trend gracing the sidewalks, runways and it’s all about styling the right pieces to make a shining statement. Whether you prefer makeup, shoes, clothing or bags, there are glitter options to suit all of your preferences. I've listed my top 5 favourite glitter looks :)


The least intimidating place to try your hand at sparkles is on your nails. Change your French manicure by replacing the standard white tips with glittery or metallic colours. Make a statement by swapping the normal nude shade for a darker one. Paint nails black or navy and finish with a glitter tip


If you’re going to wear glitter on the eyes, please reserve it for nights out and festive parties. Daytime glitter is a no-no but a touch of evening sparkle can look pretty when the lights are low. For those feeling bold, apply a cream based product to the lids (any concealer or cream eye shadow will do) and press a multi-toned glitter powder on top of it for starry eyes. Be sure to hold a tissue under the eyes and over the cheeks to catch any fall out.

Nothing will get beat a glitter blazer, these things can make a whole room stop and just stare at you. Not to mention you'll shine like a disco ball. Throwing on a glitter blazer just adds an extra touch and shine.


If you’re heading out on the town, highlight a pair of glitter heels or platform pumps with a short yet frilly dress. All eyes are going to be drawn to your feet, so be sure those legs of yours are freshly waxed. 


glitter bags are the biggest statement piece you could ever wear. If you want to make any outfit pop out and get your attention, then a gorgeous glitter purse/bag is the trick. 

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