Thursday, 26 February 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - Review & Swatches

Let's talk about Contour Kits, I'm pretty sure we all, well most of us are obsessed with contouring, or recreating that Kim K look. So I thought it'd be perfect timing to finally get my over due review and swatches up on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills 
Contour Kit
Light To Medium
The contour kit was released early last year, however it was constantly sold out and labelled as limited edition, due to the major hype over it, it's now been re-released on ABH's website as a permanent product, along with new shades available for every skin tone. 

Kit contains 6 shades- 3 highlight and 3 contour colours. The top row has 3 powder highlighting shades Vanilla, Banana, and Sand. The bottom row has 3 powder contouring shades Java, Fawn, and Havana. All the shades are matte, except for Sand which is shimmer. This palette is the original contour palette ABH released before releasing more shades.

Vanillaslight peach undertone, which makes it perfect for counteracting dark circles.

Banana: light yellow shade, great for setting concealer under the eyes. also brightens to bring your features forward

Sand: shimmer highlight, best applied on cheekbones, down the nose, forehead and above the lip for a glowy.

Java: warm neutral shade, perfect colour to warm up your face before contouring. 

Fawn: cool tone, has a slight grey tone to shadow your cheekbones without looking muddy. basic go-to shade

Havana: brown and some red tones, the full bronzer effect. 

The packaging itself is a standard, clean, black cardboard palette, which is smooth and sturdy. Along with a magnetic closing. Each pan is held in place by the magnetic bottom and is removable if needed to refill, which is the most convenient thing for makeup artist and of course everyone else if you wanna mix and match your palette. The palette also comes with detailed step by step instructions on how to contour by Tamanna Roashan. All honestly I was quite surprised on the size, I assumed it would be larger as the photos online made out to be, however due to the size it's perfect for travel and it won't take up too much room in your kit. 

Shades Blended
The shades are very pigmented and super easy to blend. These shades don't come off with an orange tone, look muddy, dusty or cakey. which makes them perfect for any skin tone. The contour shades goes on like butter and stay visible throughout the day and night. All shades are matte except for 'Sand' which is shimmer. This particular shade is great for the cheekbones, down the nose, forehead or wherever you wanna look glowy.

Overall: I’m really enjoying this palette. It’s super handy to have all powders in one palette. Fawn is definitely my favourite shade, as it look natural but defines my cheekbones. This palette is pricey but it's worth every penny. You're paying for the quality of the powders. Minimal blending is required as the shades are buttery. This kit is perfect for everyone and I highly recommended giving this palette a try.

* I purchased this product with my own money! I wasn't paid to mention the brand or their products. Review is based on my experience and my honest opinion.