Thursday, 31 July 2014

Interesting Shaving Facts from Schick

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Interesting Shaving Facts from Schick

  • Most women perform the grooming ritual of shaving unwanted body hair a few times a week. In a survey conducted by Schick, 69% of women view shaving as a chore, but 90% of women felt good after shaving.
·         Hair grows almost 2cm per month.
·         A popular myth is that shaving makes the hairs grow back thicker, which isn’t true at all. Shaving only removes hair at the surface of the skin. The sharp edge caused by shaving the hair creates the rough "stubble" you can feel on your legs or armpits.
·         Historians have found evidence as far back as 300BC about removing female body hair.
·         Do you know that a merkin is a wig for the pubic area? The origin of the pubic wig to the 1450s. Women would shave their pubic hair for personal hygiene and to combat pubic lice and wear a merkin.
·         The average length of time a woman spends shaving in her lifetime is 72 days which isapproximately 1,728 hours. Yikes!
·         The only places on the human body where we don’t grow hair are on the palms of our hands, the soles of our feet and our lips.
·         If you pull out a hair that is at the end of its life cycle, it won’t hurt.
Hydro Silk:
Schick’s Hydro Silk Razor, with hydrating water activated Serum is the ideal choice for achieving beautiful hair-free skin. The unique moisturising strips and 5 Curve-Sensing Blades are specially designed to shave the contours of a woman’s body and further reduce skin irritation leaving legs soft, smooth and sexy all winter long.

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