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Winter Hair SOS From ELEVEN Australia

Winter Hair SOS From ELEVEN Australia

The harsh winter elements can be a recipe for bad hair disasters. From frizzy hair and fly aways to split ends, it’s no wonder many of us hideaway under a beanie during the cooler months. Thankfully, we have some tips and tricks from ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo, to help beat winter hair dilemmas and ensure you have healthy, shiny locks all year round.

Controlling Winter - FRIZZ
- Before you get out of the shower, rinse your hair with cold water instead of warm water. This will help close the hair cuticle and seal the hair to keep it healthier,  shinier and less prone to frizz.
ELEVEN Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment (RRP $24.95) is a magic product when it comes to combating frizz. It contains eleven benefits to cure your frizz problems and leave your hair smooth and silky.


Tame Winter - FLY AWAYS
-Apply a light layer of hairspray and then gently brush the flyaways down. Use a boar bristle brush to reduce static.
- The best way to control frizz is in the prep, use an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner (try ELEVEN Australia’s SMOOTH ME NOW Anti Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner – from RRP $20.95) also helps to reduce fly aways and static.


Smooth - SPLIT ENDS 
(Often caused by over-use of hair driers and straighteners in the winter months)
-  An anti-frizz cream (such as ELEVEN Australia Frizz Control Shaping Cream – RRP $22.95) can help to temporarily smooth split ends, the only way to cure them for good it to cut them off.
- You can apply Frizz Control to damp or dry hair for maximum protection against unwanted frizz.

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