Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Couleur Caramel: Dark Circle Concealer


Let's talk Concealer! It's been such a huge must have product for me lately, as I work in retail, travel awhile to get there, I need something that's able to cover those dark circles under my eyes. 

Dark Circle Concealer
Natural Beige (118307)
RRP: $27.95

I have tried many products but none have won my heart as quickly as the Couleur Caramel Dark Circle Concealer did. 

The packaging of the box is Eco friendly, made with recycled cardboard then inside the product comes packaged in a small cardboard pot that can easily be rotated or pulled right off. 
The concealer itself is quite lovely and creamy, it effortlessly provides flawless coverage on my skin wherever it’s placed. On the skin it feels so light and my skin breathes easily. The texture is very smooth when you sweep your finger across the top of the formula. It stays firm on the skin, without the caking or excess build up. It covers those dark circles in seconds. 

Not only do I use this concealer underneath my eyes, but also my brow bone to give that flawless brow lift, eye lids to get a fuller pigments from my eye shadows and also to cover small pimples. The product does help with almost anything I use it for. 

am really happy with its staying power too. I get day long coverage from the very first application. Doesn't need to be reapplied throughout the day. Super easy to remove at night, unlike most concealers that to stick to the creases or lines understand your eyes.