Friday, 8 March 2013

Review: Voluptulash Mascara By Australis.

I absolutely adore this mascara, and this is coming from someone that hated changing my old mascara that gave me results to another mascara I didn't know much about. I purchased Voluptulash after seeing an add on TV, I haven't always been a big fan of Australis products in the past. So I was pretty skeptical on it. After doing a little research for reviews, a few blogs had actually highly recommended it, not only was it cheap but the results are high. I decided to give it a shot, it was on special for $4.95 at Priceline, & I badly needed a new mascara as my favourite one was out of stock. Ill admit the wand was very weird, it was like a curved comb with teeth on each side. Even a little twisted to make an easy apply, but It was hard the first time I used it. But you get used to it, as my normally preferred wand was thick and full.

My results were not what I expected, I was truly blown away. I had to do a double look at my lashes cause it seriously looked like i put fake lashes on. With one comb through my lashes didn't stick together or lump. Didn't smudge or flake when wearing it. The best thing was how easy it was to wash off. Just a little bit of water made to come off in what seemed to be fibre-y clumps. Even my old favourite mascara would be hard to wash off at night, that I'd go to bed with bits of mascara stuck in my lashes. Voluptulash just out ruled them.I love this mascara, ill be making more purchases and also recommending it to everyone I know! 

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