Sunday, 17 February 2013

Review: PPS Hot Iron Spray Straight :)

I've always found it hard to find a great product for my hair that doesn't damage or dry out when I'm using hot icons. My hair is naturally thick with curly/wavy. So getting my hair to be and kept straight is very hard.

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When using PPS HOT IRON SPRAY STRAIGHT #2it's important that any previous hair products like hair spray, wax or gel is washed out. It's best for your hair to be clean so the PPS hot iron spray seals to the hair, and allows it to work its magic.
After using PPS HOT IRON SPRAY STRAIGHT #2my hair felt really light, that it almost felt like I had shaved all my hair off haha. It had a shiny to my hair, that made it look like i had a few high lights done (does not have hair bleach) 

"Spray Straight smoothes, protects and is recommended to be used throughout the hot iron process to achieve an ultra straight result. Containing a unique Thermal Shield Complex, the light hold formula protects the hair from heat damage section by section during the styling."

• Light hold styling spray specifically formulated with a unique Thermal Shield Complex
• Smoothes, straightens and protects the hair from heat damage
• Moveable control for long-lasting straight results
• Seals style with a natural shine

I've tried many different products that didn't give my the results I've found in PPS. I still use it till this date and I'll never find anything that may or could possibly be better.

It's available in Priceline and also online through these sites:

$14.95 AUS

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